Athletes, Trainers and Therapists Share Their Experience With Kangen Water

Athletes, Trainers and Therapists Share Their Experience With Kangen Water

More and more of the top pro wrestlers, boxers, athletes and teams in football, baseball, basketball and tennis are turning to Kangen Water for that edge they are looking for.


  • 6X Better Hydration
  • Superior Electrolyte Replenishment
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Stronger Performance
  • Longer Endurance

The Enagic water ionizer produces High Alkaline and Very Powerful Anti-oxidizing ionized water called Kangen Water.

  • Micro-clustered water (5 molecules/cluster versus 15 to 100!) penetrates cellular walls 6x more efficiently to transport nutrients and oxygen for superior hydration, performance and endurance. Flushes out toxins in cells and muscular tissue far better to recover muscles much faster.
  • Super Akaline (pH 9.5 versus pH 3.5 for Gatorade, which is 1 million times more acidic!) to flush out lactic acid and uric acid before you become tired and sore.
  • Super Anti-oxidants (5x more than green tea!) - very anti-inflammatory to restore muscles.

Hydration and Electrolytes

  • What coach isn't concerned about hydration and sufficient electrolytes these days? So what to do?
  • There are many sports drinks used to replenish electrolytes, such as Gatorade and Power Aide. Although the electrolytes are replenished in the fluids OUTSIDE the cells, the electrolytes themselves do not necessarily get enough where you need them: INSIDE the CELLS!
  • Kangen Water provides NATURAL electrolytes, but most importantly, because of its micro clustering, Kangen Water transports electrolytes into the cells six times more efficiently than Gatorade.

Jillian Michaels - The Biggest Loser

Jillian Michaels, famous weight loss & fitness expert, and trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" recently endorsed Kangen Water from Enagic on Los Angeles KFI AM Radio Talk Show as the special ionized alkaline micro-fine water people should be drinking for weight loss and getting their bodies back into balance.

And recently in an interview she again endorsed Kangen Water:

"I use a Kangen water filter for drinking water and put in stainless steel canteens - never bottled water."

IFBB's Youngest Ever Pro

Dan Hill - the youngest ever pro admitted into the International Federation of Body Builders - has endorsed Enagic Kangen Water.

Wade Lightheart (McNutt) is the three time natural body building champion of Canada

Preparing for this event normally requires ten months of intensive training. Wade describes how Kangen water helped him prepare for coming out of retirement to win his third title.. with only two weeks of training!

Shan Stratton - Leading Pro Sports Nutritionist

Shan Stratton is a Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL,NY YANKEES, AZ DIAMONDBACKS, HOUSTON ROCKETS, the LA DODGERS. He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, Cynthia Cooper and on and on.

After promoting and counselling the use of high quality supplements, enzymes, and probiotics to the athletic community for over 15 years, Shan states:"Drinking Kangen Water is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes."