What is Kangen Water ?

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water ionizers. Our water ionizers are perfect and guaranteed to provide you with a safe, healthy, and drinkable water. Contact us today to have us supply you with the best water ionizers you can find around.

Our Water Ionizer is a Medical Device with ISO 13485 certification and as such they are capable of providing the desired quality of water that is safe and healthy. Kangen water ionizers are also economical and eco-friendly, you can always count on our ionizers to work perfectly as expected. Our water ionizers are designed to provide Alkaline, Antioxidant and Micro-clustered water that is safe for all.

Antioxidant Rich
Kangen Water Rich in Antioxidants

Slows down aging and neutralizes harmful free radicals .

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Neutralize acids in your body, Improves your health and supercharge your immune system

Micro Clustered
high alkaline water

Hydrate your body more quickly and effectively, enhance energy levels and enhance waste removal

benefits of alkaline water

Why drink Kangen Water® ?

If quality, affordable, clean and drinkable water ionizer is what you desire, then look no further as Kangen Water is here to satisfy that desire. We will be glad to have you give us a call today, and you will be glad you did as a purchase of our water ionizers will not only convince you but also make you recommend our water ionizers to your friends and families.

Problems with tap water

Problems with Tap Water

Tap water is the most commonly used source of water for most people. However, there are potential problems with this water source – problems that may not be readily apparent for many. According to recent investigations, there have been 315 pollutants found in tap water.
Problems with bottled water

Problems with Botteled Watters

Many people, understanding the concerns present with tap water, turn to bottled water to presumably avoid contamination and bad taste. Unfortunately, bottled water is no cleaner or better tasting than tap water.
Problems with RO water

Problems with RO water

One attempt to deal with the uncertainty and potential problems with bottled water and tap water involves treating water with reverse osmosis water. This filtration device handles some of the contaminants, but strips away vital minerals that are present in the water.

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Five Types of Water from one machine

Strong Kangen Water (pH 11):

Not for drinking. Strong Kangen Water preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits. Usage: food preparation and cleaning.

Kangen Water® (pH 8.5-9.5):

Perfectly balanced and optimized for exquisite taste, Kangen Water® is ideal for drinking, cooking, food preparation, cleaning, and more.

Neutral Water (pH 7.0):

This type of water is delicious and free of impurities – the perfect choice for a wide range of healthy hydration choices.

Beauty Water (pH 4.0-6.0):

Not for drinking, Beauty Water has notable astringent effects and is perfect for beauty and hair care, polishing, and other useful applications for commercial operations.

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5):

Also not for drinking, Strong Acidic Water keeps areas safe and clean by sanitizing them and complements Strong Kangen Water for a powerful cleaning alternative to harsh and expensive chemicals.

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